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Au revoir FB

I am closing my FB account, and I don't know for how long. It just, looking other people profile, with their happy status, makes me feels more miserable with my current life.

Maybe, I am a loner, that trying hard to make friends. I do agree that people love hanging out with me; well either for meself or for my money. And when I already close enough with them, they become bored with me. Its like eating cheesecake, at first you love the taste, but after a while, you sick of it.

I am looking for at least one friend, one TRUE FRIEND. And yet I haven't found any... Maybe this type of friend will never been found anymore in this world.


Anonymous said...

me! me! me!

Awang Hafiz said...

Hahaha.. Boleh jek mal. :)

Harith said...

You will but first u need to be happy with urself.

Awang Hafiz said...

@harith: yup harith, i have to.. kena cuba slow2.. lama x nampak kat forum?

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